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On this site, you can find a lot of information about our cashback service and its conditions. Although we gathered all the information we could think of, you could still have unanswered questions. In this case, feel free to ask us on live chat or write us an email to

How It Works

How am I getting cashback exactly?

Step 1: Register a free account.
Step 2: Choose a broker and open a new account through our affiliate link. Add this account to your profile and we will connect it to our system as soon as possible. The moment your account is connected to your profile we will send you a confirmation email.
Step 3: Start trading and we will automatically credit your cashback to your profile.
Step 4: After reaching the minimum amount ($10), withdraw it any time you wish.

How much can I earn?

You can see the exact cashback rates on every deals page. If you’re not sure about the rates you can get a calculation by our expert within one business day. Moreover, you can learn more about Forex Automator cashback system here.

Is this service free?

Of course, our service is totally free. We never ask for your money. We only give you money. (Truth to be told, of course, we keep a small portion of your cashback as a fee, but you won’t have to pay anything.)

Do I earn cashback even if I lose on a trade? (forex)

Yes, you receive the same amount upon losing as well, because cashback is calculated based on your spreads and commissions. It’s like a safety belt for you. You always get cashback regardless of the outcome of your activities.

Will my spreads and commissions increase if I open an account trough Forex Automator?

Of course not. Your trading conditions will be exactly the same. When negotiating with brokers we pay attention to sign a contract which benefits you the most. Nothing harmful will happen to you if you register through us. The only thing that changes is that you will be eligible for cashback.

I have started to trade but I didn't receive cashback yet. Why?

Your cashback will be credited to your account in maximum three workdays. This is the shortest period we can refresh your rebate changes. If you haven’t received your cashback after three days and you have a successfully connected broker account on your profile then please contact us at immediately.

Why can't I just sign up with the broker directly?

We can offer you cashback, because the broker will pay us for referring you to their service. For each transaction of yours we get paid. We share this revenue with you, that’s how we pay cashback. If you go directly to the broker, the whole thing is not possible.

Do you have access to my forex account?

As we are only an introducing broker and not a money manager we do NOT have any access to your forex account. Furthermore, we do NOT have any sensitive information about you.

I have an existing account, can I have cashback on that?

There are plenty of providers who allow to have cashback on an existing account. The only thing you have to do is send an email to us and we’ll guide you through the process. Where connection an existing account is not an option, you can always open a new account.

Can I receive cashback with brokers who aren't listed at Forex Automator?

There are some brokers, who aren’t visible on our brokers page, but you can still receive cashback with them. Additionally, we are always looking for new partnerships and are open for new ideas. If you’d like to receive cashback at a broker who is not visible at our site, just simply contact us at and we will find a solution together.

Are there any restrictions about getting cashback?

In some rare cases there are some restrictions about getting cashback, yes. This usually happens if we don’t receive compensation on trades. In forex, these are mostly minimum trading movement or minimum trading duration restrictions.

Can I have multiple trading accounts at brokers?

Unfortunately, we cannot influence your broker about it, this is their choice. Although usually you can open as many accounts as you wish.

I don’t know which provider (forex broker, binary option broker) to choose. Can you help me with this choice?

You can find the deals of every fields on a separate broker page with all the information. If you still can’t choose one, just send a mail to and our experts will help you gladly.


How does your rebate system work?

Our rebate system is a unique system where you will get more cashback if you trade in higher volumes, plus you are able to increase your cashback rate by consistent commissions. For more information please visit the how it works and the rebate system site.

What makes Forex Automator different from the other cashback sites?

Other rebate sites will give you a fixed amount per lot traded. On the other hand, at Forex Automator, there are lots of different ways we give cashback other than amount per lot traded. Here, the more you trade, the more Forex Automator points you get, therefore you can “level up” in our system. Yes, you guessed it right: the higher your level, the more cashback you get! If you’re trading seriously Forex Automator is the right place for you, because we will remunerate your trading efforts with incredibly high cashback rate.

So I get the best cashback offers here?

Yes! We are continually looking for the best affiliate deals with the best conditions. Therefore you can be sure that our rebate offers are marketleader offers. In addition to our level-system and to our promotions you are able to get the highest rebate rates. The more work you put into your trading and the more you take it seriously the more we pay to you.


Which payment methods do you offer?

Currently you can withdraw your money via Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, FasaPay, EcoPayz and Wire Transfer. We are continuously adding new payment options.

Are there any withdrawal fees?

Yes. Unfortunately, we have to pay fees multiple times to get the money to you. When we withdraw money from your broker, when we receive it on several payment providers and when we’re sending it to you. That’s why we need to apply fees on withdrawals. You can learn more about withdrawals and the exact fees here.

Can I withdraw at any time?

Yes, you can as you reach the minimum withdrawal amount limit, which is $10.

Where can I check my earnings?

At your profile. You can also see your balance and your transaction history, and you can check out the newest boosts to increase your cashback rate.

What if I disagree with the amount I have earned?

Write to us immediately to If you feel that there might be some mistake we will investigate your case.